Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Visit to Cutchogue-New Suffolk Free Library

Cutchogue- New Suffolk Free Library

I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but it happens people! I'm only human, after all - and well, just look at this building. How can it NOT be one of my favorite library buildings on Long Island? Those windows...the steeple....the architecture! (The drive through North Fork wine country to arrive at this building is a bonus.)

So, travel coffee mug in hand, I left western Suffolk a tad earlier than usual to head out east to meet my colleagues, Derek Ivie and Samantha Alberts for a Live-Study Help training at the request of Cutchogue's director, Jennifer Fowler. We thoroughly enjoyed the crowd at Cutchogue, as library staff came from a few different libraries to hear the presentation and learn about the different resources available through Live-Study Help, like flash cards, on-line meeting capability, computer and technology assistance, resume assistance, and of course, the ever popular on-line tutoring sessions.

 What I like most about my job? Getting to see such variety in library land, and always finding a great idea - whether it be a program, collection display, or marketing idea. Ideas are the great equalizer of libraries - any size library can have a great idea. I've been able to travel to lots of different libraries around the country throughout the last 15 years, and I'm always amazed at the energy and creativity I find and get to bring back and share with others. Cutchogue-New Suffolk was no exception! First of all - let's talk decorations. The children's section and the mezzanine area are located in the original section of the building, which was a former church. Look at those beams!

  On the other side of the bookcase, there are toys galore for library play dates.......
 and do you see what I see? A chicka chicka boom boom  homemade tree!

The youth staff does such a nice job with a small space and marketing their different collections:

But this picture below was my absolute "WHAT A GREAT IDEA!" moment of the day, when I discovered their "tween area"
The Tween area is called INBETWEEN - what a great play on words!

Finally, our time at Cutchogue-New Suffolk Free Library was done, and it was time to leave. Of course, walking in or out of the front door there also leads to hidden goodies:

Who wouldn't want to sit outside?

The Library "steeple"

Toddler sized car parking outside the front door!

Tell us: What is YOUR favorite part of your library? Send a photo showcasing your favorite library spot to to be entered into a raffle for our October Goodies Surprise Box!

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