Thursday, September 25, 2014

Placing a Hold on a SCLS Die

SCLS houses over 400 die cuts and the staff of member libraries are welcome and encouraged to use them! Place a hold on a specific die in Millennium and we'll send it to you in the system bag. If your library doesn't have a die cutting machine, contact us and come on down to SCLS to use our die cutting machines for small, large, and jumbo dies. Below is a step-by-step procedure on how to place a hold.

1. Use your library’s card or the department’s card. Before placing a hold on any items please check       with your circulation department to make sure that the card you are using has a 0 (zero) P TYPE.

2. Open Millennium and click on Search/Holds.

3. Choose Title from the dropdown list and type scls dies in the search bar.

4. Double click on the letter grouping that contains the name of the die you are looking for. (For             example, if you want a kangaroo die, click SCLS Dies G L)
     a. SCLS Dies A B
     b. SCLS Dies Alphabet and Numbers
     c. SCLS Dies C F
     d. SCLS Dies G L
     e. SCLS Dies M P
     f. SCLS Dies Q Z

5. Scroll down the list to find the specific die and click once on the name of the die to highlight it.

6. Click on Hold Selected Item to place an item-level hold on that specific die.

7. Choose Patron Barcode from the dropdown list and type in the card barcode.

8. Click on Place Hold.

9. In the next window, choose your Pickup Location from the dropdown list and in the Hold Note           field please type the name of the person/department who will be receiving the die.

10. If requesting more than one die, repeat the process for each die. 

You can access a list of SCLS dies as well as a list of dies in Suffolk County by clicking on Dies in Suffolk  County under Resources on the Youth Services page of The GatewayIf you are interested in using a die that another library owns, please contact that individual library. 

If you have any questions please contact Kim Androlowicz at 631.286.1600 Ext. 1380, Youth Services, SCLS.

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