Friday, August 18, 2017

Derek and Darla's Summer Road Trip Part 3: Port Jeff and More!

We're on the road again with another road trip blog!

This time, you'll be reading all about our afternoon out and about the Port Jefferson area, when we visited Comsewogue, Port Jefferson and Emma S. Clark libraries.

Our first stop was Comsewogue, which was packed with furry friends for us to meet - Sweet Briar Nature Preserve was presenting a children's program, and there were two new guinea pig friends!
we couldn't stay to watch what they had,
but were hoping for sloths
one of two fearsome guardpigs (#2 was feeling two shy for the paparazzi)
 Comsewogue loves a theme, and they didn't disappoint!
Derek, I'm sorry I keep making you do these
(but I'm not gonna stop)

me too!

four day passes?! *drools*
Next we hopped over to Port Jefferson Free Library, where the delightful decorations took us on a trip through time! They went rogue on their summer reading theme this year with "Retro Reads," themed all around retro goodness. Check out the fabulous decorations!
giant Rubik's Cubes set the tone as you approach the children's area

rainbows above and below are part of a giant game of Candyland

building sneaks in at the Lego-themed reporting area

clever Tetris-style tetromino name cards for the windows
We scurried through a sudden shower across the street to visit the Teen Center, which I had never ben to before. It was full of books, comics, video games and board games and decorated with 90's cartoon characters (who told them I was visiting?!), so I was basically ready to settle down and live there for a while.


I declare it too soon for these cartoons to achieve "classic" status

mmmm video games

Port Jeff's take on the Summer Reading think outside the books trend is a Bucket List Challenge (great name!):
I was going to name my fave challenge, but I can't pick!!

Port Jeff, we'd love a picture of someone achieving the "Wear 20 Shirts" challenge!

Our final stop of the afternoon was Emma S. Clark, which neither Derek nor I had been to before. This means I went a bit crazy with the picture taking, so hold on to your hats!

Emma S. Clark is one of those fantastic buildings that's half modern, half historic. I think I'll live in this room:

leaded windows, books and a fireplace are all I need in life

Over in the cheerful children's room, the decorations were ON POINT! This is the second year that Emma has used the green screen as part of their Summer Reading decorating (it's funny because it sounds like I'm talking about a person). The results are adorable. Check it out:

some kiddos were turned into construction workers

while others dressed up as their dream jobs that will help build a better world!
that's right, she's the president AND a judge. get it girl!

children are the actual best <3

And lest you think the librarians don't get in on the fun, check THIS out:

We also spent a lot of time pouring over this display:

Kids put up gear post-it notes with how they're making a difference in their community. The answers are predictably precious, from the pragmatic:


excellent, if highly specific
To the lightly authoritarian:

childlike optimism at its finest

To the inscrutable:

actually, I'd take a pink house

down with the ogyovig!!

 Not to be outdone, the Teen department has its own opinion-based display full of delights, tied into the teen summer reading club.

Nanette Feder reached out to Six Word Memoirs for permission to use a version of their logo - fantastic! Derek and I loved the reviews. Some of them were really clever, and some were hilarious. 

I smell a future writer



A big thanks to all, as always, for showing us around and spending some time with us! Stay tuned for more road trip goodness to come!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Derek and Darla's Summer Road Trip Part 2: Southwestern Suffolk

On Thursday, July 21, Derek and I set off west on that great highway called Sunrise to hit some of the libraries tucked in the Southwestern corner of our lovely county. In this post you'll find: West Islip, Babylon, West Babylon, Copiague and Amityville. It's on the long side, but only because we want the pictures to be nice and big so you can see all the details!

Our first stop was a serendipitous last-minute addition - we got to visit West Islip Public Library to drop off our button maker for their Library Lock-In! And boy were we glad we did, because they have some truly adorable decorations going on in their children's area:
Loving these building-themed endcaps

A construction-themed window treatment that has fooled some patrons

The ever-glorious window fish looking lovely on a sunny day
Construction vehicles: the perennial toddler-pleaser
Next we headed to the beautiful village of Babylon to poke our heads in and see what they had brewing. As always, it was some really great theming, as you can see below! We chatted about their summer programming and fantastic array of raffle baskets, which includes parent baskets - a clever idea that boosts involvement and even gets the kids excited!

Summer Reading prizes greet you in the library lobby

LOVING the I-spy fishtank trend

A Lego-licious themed bulletin board

zoom in on that Lego board detailing

Real building models from the child of a staff member who's
studying to be an architect
 Our next stop was West Babylon Public Library. One of the first things we noticed when we went in? A furry friend!! Check out their new library guinea pig, Winston Turbo, meeting with some young admirers:
Currently planning a training to discuss the perfection of the name Winston Turbo
In the main lobby there was another new feature we loved - a Kindness wall wrapping around one of the big columns near the circulation desk. Children, teens and adults add on sticky notes with their ideas of what it means to be kind and how to build a better world with kindness!

We also checked out the teen area, where some fantastic raffle baskets were on display:

Next we stopped in at Lindenhurst, where we committed the reprehensible crime of forgetting to photograph the bearded dragons. I'm upset at myself for this because they were being really adorable  spiky scaly friends. Next time I'll take extra dragon photos. Maybe we'll do a whole post just about library pets! Annnyway, we were greeted at the door by some delightful dragons, after which we checked out the newly-rearranged children's area -- looking fantastic!

don't the colors draw you right in?!
Inside there were some fantastic decorations, including a fun gear bulletin board and a construction-themed photo backdrop, which Derek took full advantage of:

this picture makes me really happy

Afterwards we checked out the upstairs teen space, the Teen Zone. They redid it a while back but this was my first time seeing it, and WOW!

librarians in their element
Love those bright bright colors!

Our penultimate stop was at Copiague Memorial Library, and its freshly-painted children's room fits right in with our set of delightful color schemes (not to mention dragons):


I want my house to look like this
They also have a too-adorable Summer Reading reporting setup, the Book Burrow:

I spy one happy reader

Not only do these lucky kiddos get to chat in a cozy cabin, they also have the opportunity to win the best of prizes, a Number Two Pencil:
GET IT? :)

Our final stop of the day was Amityville, where they've really outdone themselves with decorations! The main part of the building is "Twilight at the Museum" themed. Check this out!!

Amazing!! Over in the children's area, they did it up construction style. There are cozy tents for reading in:

A Lego wall:


And a Lego-man book return slot:

Too cute!!

Thanks to all the libraries who let us barge on in and took the time to hang out with us! Stay tuned for more road trip post goodness!