Monday, July 7, 2014

Spark a Reaction

As we all know Spark a Reaction and Fizz, Boom, Read are our summer reading themes this year. Science programming and maker spaces galore have been full steam ahead for about a month now. Getting our teens and children interested in science themed books and programming may take a little more effort than hanging up a poster and throwing safety goggles at them! (DISCLAIMER: Do not throw safety goggles at patrons even if it is in the name of science) I have been impressed with the amount of effort, and craftiness, our fellow librarians have been putting into their displays for summer reading this year. Take a look at two below!

Brookhaven's Spark Book

Made from a discarded book it now has new life! The team over at Brookhaven, including librarian Jennifer Rocco, used card stock as support while gluing sections of pages together. They let one section dry and then moved on to the next. After that they had bouquets of sparkling gold spindles that they glued into the binding of the book. The more sparkles the better! 

Shelter Island's Golden Gears

Librarian Jennifer Blume really has her gears turning with this one! She wrote me and said, "The page/intern cut them out of paper plates. (The really cheap thin kind). They're spray painted brass and glitter. The letters are just printed on card stock. It's supported by mounting tape and Popsicle sticks."

If you have an awesome display that you would like to share with everyone send it my way with a picture and a small description about how you made it! Email me at and I will post them to Project Yawesome. Thanks again to Brookhaven and Shelter Island for their spark-ly ideas!

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