Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Shelf Talkers in the Wild

One of the cats that lives in the Harbor Books lounging by the window.
While on a library visit to John Jermain (visit the blog tomorrow to see pics from the newly renovated library) Darla and I couldn't help but stop into the local bookstore, Harbor Books. The store has tons of charm, scented soap and candle goodness, a great collection of titles, and shelf talkers in their children's and teen section. Shelf talkers are clever and super simple to make. These ones in particular were just Post Its with hand written notes on them to entice readers to take something off the shelf. Shelf talkers are something incredibly easy to do to boost parts of your collection. Have a series that you want to highlight? Know an author that has a new one coming out that will have patrons running to the shelf for more? Point your patrons in the right direction with these simple stack boosters. When looking at the small notes from across the way I was immediately drawn to that section and your patrons will be too!

"What do you mean you haven't read Judy Blume yet?? Drop everything and start now!"

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