Wednesday, September 7, 2016

John Jermain Memorial Library Visit

So... remember on our last library visit post how we told you that it was the final one we’d be posting this summer? Well, it turns out we didn’t take into account the possibility of a quiet Friday with beautiful weather! In short, we lied. But we didn’t mean to! How could anyone say no to the chance to drive to Sag Harbor and see the newly-renovated John Jermain Memorial Library?

We entered the library through the ground floor entrance that takes you right into the children’s area, where the space has a great exposed brick new industrial vibe. As head of children’s services Susann Farrell told us, there’s still a lot of furniture to be moved in, but it already looks great. Check out that delightful story time circle - doesn’t it make you want to sit down and read?

Children's fiction stacks
Storytime Circle, which was promptly taken over by patrons who clearly enjoyed the cozy space

Next we headed up a floor to the teen space, where we got to talk to John Jermain’s director Catherine Creedon and teen librarian Mireille Stürmann. Mireille gave us an excellent and very informative tour of the rest of the library, explaining all about the library’s history and transformation -- thanks Mireille!! We had a blast! You can read more about the library’s history here. Check out some of our visit's highlights below.
Mireille shows us a video of the library's opening day on their multimedia display behind the teen reference desk
A cozy teen reading nook by a sunny window. The library will have a teen advisory board to get feedback on how teens
want to make the space their own.
The stunning rotunda reading room. I may have gasped when I came up the stairs. Patrons of all
ages have been enjoying the use of the space, including a 4th grader who comes there to work
on a book she's writing.
Rotunda ceiling and skylight
John Jermain over the reading room fireplace, which with its
benches to either side, will be the best place ever
when the weather turns cold.
Original refurbished gas lighting fixtures, updated with Edison bulbs
In the climate-controlled archival room, a shot of the old building meeting the new building.
That brick wall is the original exterior. The archival room is also unimaginably cool and
deserves its own post - I'm very mad at myself for not taking more pictures of it!
Mireille and Darla by a sunny window seating area looking out on the courtyard

Thank you for letting us invade your library, John Jermain!! We can't wait to visit again in the future!

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