Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Re-tell Me a Story

As the 2016 Fall Literature Conference nears (If you haven't registered yet there are still a few days for Early Bird prices: www.clascinc.org) I couldn't help but think about the last time Suffolk hosted the event! In planning out discussion group theme my co-leader, Linda Meglio from Harborfields, and myself landed on the theme of YA Fairy Tale Re-tellings. In this moment of memories I decided to see what was on the slate for 2016 in the twists on classic tales department. Here are a few that I found enchanting:

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1. As I Descended by Robin Talley
In this re-telling of Macbeth teens at a boarding school in the south vie to be the one to win the scholarship for their dream college. When girlfriends Maria and Lily start calling on spirits for help things turn gruesome as they descend into madness.

2. Shame the Stars by Guadalupe Garcia McCall
Pura Belpre Award winner Guadalupe Garcia McCall takes another Shakespearean tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, and places it in 1915 during a highly contentious time on the Texas-Mexican border.

3. Beast by Brie Spangler
This modern twist on Beauty and the Beast has two teens healing in a rehab facility. One is hairy and angry - the other fair and beautiful. As the begin to mend there are more secrets to be uncovered that can unravel their fairy tale.

4. A Study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro
While not a straightforward re-telling this book brings together descendants of Sherlock Holmes and James Watson who share many of their predecessors attributes. When classmates at their Connecticut boarding school start turning up dead it is up to Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson to use their sleuthing skills to solve the case. 

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