Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Library Visits: Smithtown Edition

On Tuesday, August 9th, Derek and Darla attended the penultimate SCLS Workshop at Smithtown Nesconset. Thank you for hosting us, Nesconset! It was a beautiful day, a beautiful building and lots of beautiful people. Since we were in the neighborhood, we decided it was a great day to visit all of the Smithtown branches! Here we go!

Naturally, we started with Nesconset. Each Smithtown branch children's room features a beautiful mural. The Nesconset children's room features a woodland scene that transitions through the four seasons. How about that Dory bulletin board!

Next we headed up to Smithtown Main. The mural there features favorite children's book characters beautifully rendered by a local artist. The Reference desk was bedecked by the names of Summer Reading participants - great turn out!

Next up was Smithtown Kings Park, where the beachy theme is perfect for a summertime visit! This branch was HOPPING despite it being a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, which did our librarian hearts good.


We ended our Smithtown journey at Smithtown Commack's Ye Olde Children's Room, which features an awesome medieval castle theme. There were lots of great displays to peruse here, from a weekly favorite book election, the front desk sporting all of the SRC registrants as well as a dogs vs. cats vote for charity (you vote with coins that are donated to the Little Shelter - by our visit they raised $42.25!), and some awesome bulletin boards. Love it!!


Thank you for letting us spend our day exploring, Smithtown!

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