Monday, August 29, 2016

Library Visits: Huntington Area Part 2

Well everyone, this is our last library visit post of the summer! Thank you all for inviting us into your libraries, stunning us with your creative and innovative displays and programs, and all of your hard work! We've had fun seeing everyone!

On Thursday, August 25th we hit the Huntington area once again to visit three more libraries. We started our morning at Half Hollow Hills, where we fell in love with the inspirational banners and Olympic-themed decorations in the teen area! Over in children's, there was some great passive programming out (more on this in an upcoming post), a fun basketball book display, and check out that elementary school progress bulletin board! Looking great, guys!


Next we headed over to South Huntington, where the wall of Summer Readers dazzled our eyes and warmed our hearts! We also loved the book trivia stations set up around the room - what a great idea! Best of all was the absolutely perfect double-sided I Spy tank - it looks just like it was made for one of the books!! Kids fill out a sheet to get prizes. They're going to make a new one for the Halloween season, and we can't wait to see it! So creative!


Our final stop of the day was Huntington, where the room was bustling on a beautiful day! Check out their great back to school display (featuring a pool noodle No. 2 pencil), and awesome Pokemon Go display! We were also smitten with the beautiful whale murals on the walls!


Thanks for letting us stop by everyone! See you at the fall meetings!

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