Friday, August 26, 2016

Library Visits: Huntington Area, Day One

With Patty gone all week, Derek and I needed to find a way to keep ourselves sane without her, so we hit the road not once but TWICE this week! Today, the details of our first exploration of the Huntington area.

Our first stop was Elwood library, where we were dismayed to hear we missed their Summer Reading decorations by ONE DAY!! They must have had some crazy decorations up though, because the place still looked great - check out that Olympic podium, and the flame of names! We were actually  lucky in our timing though, because we caught Jeanne Huggard on her second to last day before her return to the world of school librarianship! Good luck, Jeanne! We'll miss you in public libraryland!


We then headed over to Harborfields, where we were blown away by the decorations - check out those swimming lane windows, Athletic Center featuring mini Olympics museum, and Olympic cafe! It's great when decorations bridge the gap between imaginative play and educational content. Great work, you guys!! Harborfields' teen department is currently under renovation, but they've done a great job making use of their temporary space, with passive activities and an excellent road trip display!



Next up was Northport! We missed their Summer Reading decorations by quite a bit - there was a beautiful Back to School display going up! The names of summer readers were still hanging in the window though, and in the Museum Cove there was a great camp display with mini tent and raft for kids to play and pretend in. While we were there, a group of kiddos made great use of it - they were laughing and screaming while they pretended to white water raft down a river! Fun fact: that's my sister in the tent! Hi Dori-Jo! We made a stop in the teen department upstairs as well, where we were smitten by the bright and beautiful color combinations - don't you love those stars?


Our last stop on Wednesday was East Northport, where the calm and cool atmosphere was perfect for a warm afternoon! Even though we missed their decorations as well, we had a great time hanging out with the librarians there!

Thanks for another great day of visits everyone!

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