Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ten Years of Twilight

Four books, five movies, and countless Edward Cullen tattoos later (I swear, look it up!) shows the imprint that the one and only Twilight Saga made on hearts all over the country. It basically created Twilight hungry monsters that ate up all versions (graphic novels included) of the franchise. Today marks the ten year anniversary of Twilight and the day I must admit that I was also hypnotized by the sparkly world of vampires. 

Now, I for sure devoured all four books and stayed up late for one or two midnight showings, but I have never gone to extreme body art or fan fiction lengths. Although maybe I should have seeing that one of the most famous pieces of Twilight fan fiction is a bestseller and a movie, Fifty Shades of Grey. I was absolutely swept up in the craze and was, at the base of it all, excited to see books drive people mad. I was late to the paranormal party seeing that all of the books had been published when I picked it up. I had first read an article in Entertainment Weekly which centered on how bookstores all over the country were being packed with folks of all ages who wanted to meet the author Stephanie Meyer. 

The article tied in to the the movie release and featured two gaunt looking actors who would soon be staring at us from our own book shelves and READ posters. Ten years later the craze has died down (at least at my house), but today a new 10th Anniversary edition has been released that includes bonus content called Life and Death with gender swapped roles: Edward is now Edythe and Bella has become Beau! Whether you loved or hated Twilight I am sure you had an almost never ending hold list. To keep up with thoughts and memories of the last ten years look for the hashtag #TWILIGHT10 as seen above!

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