Thursday, September 3, 2015

Snoopy Spotting in September

How Hauppuage is displaying Library Card Sign Up Month

Consider this Part 2 of Lisa's post from earlier in the week about Snoopy representing libraries during Library Card Sign Up Month. Take a look at her post about Snoopy-fied temporary library cards and how you can order them by clicking here. While out presenting the teens in Hauppauge with their Battle of the Books plaque last week I was greeted by a most awesome Snoopy display! This had me thinking about how darn adorable Snoopy is and how other libraries may be showing off the one and only Joe Cool! Take a look at some great finds from Suffolk and beyond below!

Snoopy and Woodstock are taking a snooze
outside his dog house in Hauppuage.

Half Hollow Hills added a dash of Snoopy to their
newsletter and programs to celebrate!

Both The Helen M. Plum Memorial Library in Lombard, IL and the Whittier Public Library in Whittier, CA took their inspiration from the Peanuts gang very own psychiatrist, Lucy! One small and the other large, both awesome!

If you have any Snoopy ideas that you would like to share with us send them our way and we will display them here on Project Yawesome!  

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