Monday, August 24, 2015

Media Monday: Wimpy Kid in Latin!

As you can see that one and only Wimpy Kid or in this case "Inepto Puero" had a bit of makeover for his newest edition. The first installment of Diary of a Wimpy Kid has been translated into Latin. At an Abrams preview on Thursday, August 13th the man who translated this popular title came all the way from the Vatican to talk about it. Monsignor Daniel Gallagher works as the Pope's Latin secretary! What this means is that he translates many of the Pope's works into Latin. According to the back of the book these works even include the Pope's tweets! Through a series of events this project landed in his lap and he jumped at the chance. 

The new Latin edition has already sold out in Europe, Monsignor Gallagher believes that this has mainly been due to the fact that those who are passionate about the language will want this most recent piece of translated children's literature for their collection along side Winnie Ille Puu aka Winnie the Pooh and Cattus Petasatus aka The Cat in the Hat. The Monsignor hopes that this will lead to a new group of people wanting to learn the language. He thinks that the adventures of Greg Heffley would lend themselves well to classroom Latin studies. As per Jeff Kinney, Greg is now rocking a wreath on his head and a brand new toga. Looking good! If you wan to know what the first page of Commentarii de Inepto Puero sound like watch the video below of Monsignor David Gallagher reading his Latin translation!

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