Monday, July 13, 2015

Media Mondays: SCLS-YS Maker Kits

Happy Monday everyone! It's that time of the week where we focus on some sort of media (a delightful video of some sort?) to help ease us into the days ahead! Yes, we are ignoring the fact that we haven't posted in about two months so let's roll with it!

Recently SCLS-YS began circulating Maker Kits. These kits are both craft and technology based. The six kits consist of one duct tape crafting kit, one mini-magnet kit, one straw bridge engineering kit, two Lego WeDo kits (with one laptop each), two Makey, Makey kits, and two littleBits kits. I thought I would post some videos here of our three technology based kits. This way if you are unfamiliar with the products you can see them in action!

Invention Boards

Magnetic Circuitry

Intro to Robotics and Coding

As you can see these kits let our patrons use their imaginations and STEM skills at whatever level they like. We loan these three kits out for two week periods. In my mind this gives your group one week for exploration and a second week to create. If you are interested in reserving any of these kits this summer please contact Patty Klos at If you would like more information about them please feel free to contact me at Happy Making!

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