Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mocking the Caldecott

No, not really! We did, however, hold our annual MOCK Caldecott today at SCLS-YS. A group of over 30 enthusiastic librarians convened to discuss and critique some of the best picture books published this past year. Our first task was to narrow the list of 16 titles down to a more manageable 8. Thanks to our volunteers who served as "picture book champions" and talked up their titles, in a mere one minute and 52 seconds per title, to be precise! Tiffany Russo-Malone, Kristen Stroh, Kelly Sheridan, Emily Lazio, and Kim Androlowicz joined me in championing the following titles:

Then the voting began, and the top eight titles remained, and were discussed for the next hour: 

After an intense hour of discussion, our two groups reconvened and everyone voted individually for their first, second, and third place titles. As in ALSC voting - our votes were weighted. First place votes carry 4 points, second place 3 points, and third place 2 points each. The winning title needed at least 8 first place votes, and needed to beat the next highest point bearing title by at least eight points. With votes coming in scattered across the field, I began to get a little nervous as I tabulated, but a clear and decisive winner emerged for the Mock Caldecott Gold Medal!
The group then took additional votes to determine the mock honor books:

Tune in - or better yet, come join us in person on January 14th as we tackle the MOCK NEWBERY!
But first tell us - did we get the Mock Caldecott right? What was YOUR choice for the SCLS Mock Caldecott winner?

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