Friday, October 3, 2014

Out and About at Patchogue-Medford and Brookhaven Library

The Brookhaven Free Library identifies itself as "a little library with A LOT going on", and boy do they! Check out those pictures above of THE BIG WEAVE currently taking place as their first ever community art installation project. Patrons are invited to stop by and help weave fabrics, yarns, and string into the large loom created outside. THE BIG WEAVE ends on October 25th, so hurry over to see its ever changing look!

Now, let's head over to Patchogue-Medford Library, with its bustling Main Street location in downtown Patchogue. No matter the time of day, this library is moving and shaking - especially downstairs in CAPS land, otherwise known as Children's and Parents Services. Youth Librarian Mary Kreuscher recently sent me the two photo collage pictures of some of her favorite spots in the department. From dynamic bulletin boards and reading displays, to charming statues and quiet spots to sit on a stool and listen to a story - there is much to see at our Central Suffolk County library. 

See if you can spot Miss Mary (as the children of Patchogue-Medford call her fondly) in the lower collage photo. I will give you a hint: She is the delighted librarian covered with the snow of shredded paper in one of her popular toddler programs.

What's in this bag, you ask? Just a nifty set of books to borrow as parents and children share stories together on their way to reading 1,000 books before kindergarten! Patchogue-Medford has a very organized, and well used, 1K Before K program!
Alliteration is popping up in children's departments everywhere, as we continue to change and adapt with the common core. Case in point: Patchogue-Medford's fabulous BOOK BUNDLES on display. Beautifully packaged and tied with a bow, a variety of subject areas featuring popular fiction and nonfiction stories are bundled together for patrons to check out and enjoy.
And finally - how adorable is this ABC tree, created with peel and stick decals? 

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