Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Happy 50th Birthday, Flat Stanley!

The original cover of Flat Stanley

I realize I am completely dating myself in this Throwback Thursday post, but the original Flat Stanley book was one of my childhood favorites. This is the cover that my mind will always associate with Stanley and his family. The concept was so simple - a bulletin board map falling on Stanley one night, thus flattening him out like a pancake, led to many an adventure! I still remember marveling at the ingenuity of rolling Stanley up, and putting him into the mailbox. It was like he had superhero skills!

A few months ago, publisher HarperKids posted the most adorably funny video above commemorating the many alterations of Flat Stanley throughout the last 50 years. What happens when Flat Stanley present meets Flat Stanley past? Watch and see!

Finally, to commemorate Flat Stanley's staying power in library land and children's hearts - check out this packed website filled with resources, photos of celebrities holding Flat Stanley, the official Flat Stanley Project blog, and an exchange link where you can find other educators (librarians are educators too!) looking to host your Flat Stanley in their neck of the woods. Tell us - has your library done any Flat Stanley events? Comment below and share your ideas!

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