Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Hows and Whys of Local List-Servs

As the moderator for the SCLS Youthnet list-serv, I've seen an increase in inquiries lately over who can join what - hence today's blog post. Here are some of the most used list-servs in local library land - and some others that I think you should check out as well. Clicking on the links will take you to the subscription page for each list-serv.

YouthNet is an electronic discussion group concerned with the practical aspects of children's and young adult services in Suffolk County's public libraries. Membership is limited to staff working in Suffolk County public libraries.

LAPClist is the electronic discussion group of the Librarians' Alliance for Parents and Children, a coalition formed for librarians who conduct Parent-Toddler Workshops in Suffolk County libraries. Topics for discussion may include workshop procedures, resource recommendations and parent collection development.

SCLA list-serv: is open to SCLA members only, and is hosted by NYLA since SCLA is now a regional chapter of NYLA. As a member, you log-in to your NYLA account and click on "personal details" to get to a screen that looks like this on the top: Click on the "Email Discussion Lists" to see a list of which discussion lists you are currently subscribed to - and those that you are eligible to join, if you wish. For example, I 
belong to the NYLA-YSS, SCLA-NYLA, and SCLA-YASD list-servs.

LI-LIB Listserv: is the mailing list for Long Island librarians. The list is un-moderated, and any topic that is relevant to Long Island librarians is open for discussion. If you would like to subscribe, we only ask that you abide by the following two rules:
·        Please do not post personal messages. Use the SEND command with the person’s address if want answer someone on the list. Only use the REPLY command if you want to respond to the whole list.
·        Be considerate. When you are posting a message, remember that there is a person behind every username. Lively debate is encouraged, rudeness is not.

How to Subscribe to the LI-LIB Listserv:
1.      Send an e-mail message to:
2.      Leave the Subject line blank.
3.      In the body of the message type: subscribe li-lib.

How to Send Messages to the LI-LIB listserv:
The most confusing things about mailing lists is that there two different addresses. The “mailing list server” address handles the administrative functions for the list. The “list” address (in this case LI-LIB) is the address you use to post messages to the list. To post a message on the LI-LIB, send an email message to: “
Messages will usually be posted immediately, but there are may be unforeseen circumstances where it might take a day or two. If your message is not posted within a couple of days, resend it. You can only send messages if you are subscribed to the list!

PUBYAC: PUBYAC is an Internet discussion list concerned with the practical aspects of Children and Young Adult Services in Public Libraries, focusing on programming ideas, outreach and literacy programs for children and caregivers, censorship and policy issues, collection development, administrative considerations, puppetry, job openings, professional development and other pertinent services and issues.

CCBC-NET: is a listserv encouraging awareness and discussion of ideas and issues critical to literature for children and young adults. CCBC-Net members explore a wide range of topics in contemporary literature for youth, including multicultural literature, translated books, outstanding, and award-winning books, equity themes and topics, the book arts and book publishing, and more.