Monday, July 21, 2014

Visual Literacy

In the meeting last week, Not Just Tolerating Teens: Why Teens Belong in Public Libraries, Chris Shoemaker, the Director of the Rye Reading Room in Rye, NY and President of YALSA, talked about the future of library services for teens and how libraries need to adapt to meet the changing needs of young people. In part, there needs to be a shift in thinking and recognition that the traditional definition of literacy has expanded. Not only is literacy the cognitive ability to read and write, but literacy is also a social act that has to do with participating in the world. He spoke of multiple literacies including digital literacy, social literacy, and critical literacy to name a few.

While I was reading Julie Danielson's blog Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast, I came across a link to an article she wrote for Kirkus called "Promoting Verbal and Visual Literacy" which includes an interview with designer and editor Francoise Mouly about the launch of TOON Graphics. The article resonated with me and I thought we could also add visual literacy to the list of multiple literacies!

If you were unable to attend the Not Just Tolerating Teens meeting, you can find the agenda and handouts on the Gateway. Here is a link:

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