Friday, June 3, 2016

Lindenhurst Children's Room: Looking Beautiful!

A few weeks ago I got to visit Lisa Kropp at Lindenhurst, and check out their newly updated children's area - it's looking fantastic! Janice Davis did the designs on the walls, which feature an undersea theme. Incorporated into the designs are the five Every Child Ready to Read practices. After pictures of the room, there are some shots from the Little Scientists program that was going on that morning, and feature several of SCLS' Science Buddies kits in action! Let's take a look!

The Early Childhood play area feature pastel colors and light patterns, perfect for the toddler set.  It also features "Playing" "Talking" and "Singing." You can also see some real aquatic friends in the aquarium on the left!

Moving into the chapter book section, the colors become bolder and brighter, and feature "Reading" and "Writing," the main work of grade school-age patrons. 

The Tween corner, which houses the computer bar, has cool metallic colors and textures, to help create a separate and more mature area for tweens.

And finally, the designs above the reference desk are white to make it pop, with the helpful imperative to "Ask Here!"

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The lovely Rosalia, ready to help!

Miss Lisa and the toddlers with a Sink or Float kit experiment!

Some cuties test out bouncing power; in the background, another Sink or Float experiment, and an awesome DIY'd Pom Drop gravity experiment.

Dropping things in the water is fun for everyone!

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