Monday, September 21, 2015

The Library in Minecraft

One of the fastest growing trends in libraries is the use of Minecraft servers. Here patrons can build towers, castles, houses, and more! Within these digital worlds patrons can also play games and in some cases visit the library. Two teens at Harborfields Library, who introduce themselves as Sam and Jack in the video tour, took their library into virtual territory. The pair spent over fifty hours working on recreating all of the spaces in the building. "It just shows how industrious teens can be when challenged," said Harborfields' Young Adult department head Linda Meglio. "We hope to have their virtual library on all our computers in the Teen room so that they can play in the library within the library." The teens will have the virtual library equipped with two different games that visitors can play and are looking to add more! What an amazing feat these two have accomplished. Take a look at some screenshots below and follow the link at the bottom of the post to see the entire tour of virtual Harborfields!

The Teen area in Minecraft!

Even the reference desk in the Children's section has been included.

A visit to the library's virtual gallery anyone?

Brick by brick they built the library!

For the complete tour visit this link:

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