Tuesday, September 29, 2015

News and Trends: Tween Training this October 2nd at SCLS

There is still time to register for our workshop on Friday, October 2nd on Tween Programs and Services. Tweens are children aged 8-12 (or, in my mind 9-12 years old because I can't quite fathom a third grader as being a "tween" yet.) and they want to rule the world! Well, not really. But they DO have definite opinions, likes, and dislikes - and they are at the age where they will still willingly share their thoughts and opinions with adults! So youth librarians should take advantage of that fact and do some surveying in their libraries to figure out: exactly what do tween users want from their library?
It is just one of the topics we will be discussing on Friday, so hurry up and sign yourself up here:

Finally, this is a really interesting video of REAL LIFE TWEENAGERS talking about "Being 12: The Year Everything Changes." Take a look before Friday, and comment below - what do you think?

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