Friday, August 7, 2015


Yes, I did it. I used the word snow in August! Now, I know that while youth librarians are still in the summer sweat of reading clubs and counting books and minutes - that the other side of your librarian brain is months ahead, in Newsletter Time.

Newsletter Time is when you time travel forward and begin planning fall and winter programs while it is still a sticky and humid 90 degrees out. So, I offer the following pin to appease your winter brains (and to make the three librarians in Suffolk County who actually LIKE the winter months - you know who you are! - happy.) But seriously - this guy is CUTE. So forget those book trees and menorahs - this winter season, how many paper snowmen will I find in Suffolk County? I can envision entire snow families camped out, books in hand, roasting some smores around a warm fireplace.... happy creating!
Reams of paper??

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  1. Finally! Something for the hordes of volunteers to do! (So cute)!