Thursday, July 23, 2015

Trending: YouTube Vloggers

Not long ago while at a Simon & Schuster preview there was a presentation about a new imprint at S&S that specializes in books written by YouTube vloggers. Now while this might sound crazy think about how many of your patrons come to the library to jump on a computer and sit on YouTube for most of their time. These vloggers are infiltrating our computers, phones, tablets, etc. more times a day than we can count and the publishing industry is piggy backing on this. 

Being a debut author is one thing, but being a debut author has 1-5 million or maybe even more subscribers/fans already is a pretty good deal. More and more of these people are sharing different parts of their lives on their vlogs (video blogs). So many of these videos are stuff about their daily lives: "this is what I did today" or "isn't it weird that..." or even "watch me try eight different candy bars". Their vlogs can also touch on more personal topics like family, sexuality, bullying, weight loss, etc. They make a living by most times just sitting in their rooms and talking at a camera. Money comes through merchandise, advertising, and live appearances. Soon many of them will be adding book sales as well! 

The first book to come out by a YouTube personality was Girl Online by Zoe Shugg (pictured above). This was a best seller the first week it came out in the UK (she's a British vlogger). Unfortunately for Zoe, known lovingly to her fans as Zoella, there was a bit of backlash when her fans discovered that it was actually ghost written and was only based on an idea that she said. Welcome to the world of celebrity novels kids! She had stopped blogging for a bit due to the amount of angry comments she received on social media which triggered her anxiety disorder. No, it isn't all roses and good times for these vloggers turned authors, but whether or not they are the ones putting pen to paper (fingers to keys?) they will be scoring big and their titles will definitely add a new aspect to your collection.  Below are a few vlogger titles coming out and you can click on the covers to be taken to their YouTube channel!



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