Monday, July 27, 2015

Media Monday: What's World Book?

Continuing on my trend about vlogging from last week I thought I would post this fantastic episode of Teens React which focuses on Encyclopedias. On this YouTube channel groups of people (teens, children, seniors citizens, etc.) are asked to react to all sorts of different things: videos, fashion, music, etc.
In this particular installment a group of teenagers have World Book Encyclopedias stacked in front of them. Most of their jaws drop at the amount of books they have been given. Their initial reactions vary from some knowing exactly what they are to asking if they are almanacs. It is incredibly interesting hearing their thoughts on how they do their research, whether or not they think these are a valuable resource, and which side of the print vs. digital debate they fall on! The video is entertaining and even thought provoking. If you are ever wondering what teens think about anything subscribe to this YouTube channel and then see if the teens in your room feel the same way!

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