Wednesday, January 14, 2015

REVIEW: Robert Crowther's Pop-Up Dinosaur ABC

Flip through Robert Crowther's Pop-Up Dinosaur ABC to learn about 26 new and not-so-new dinosaurs. Explore the beings that once roamed the Earth with this fun interactive book. Each flap, pull tab, and pop up has a colorful illustration of the beast paired with its name, pronunciation, and a small annotation of information about the dinosaur. The stats vary between where the dinosaur fossil was discovered to what it eats to what type of claws it had. The final page has a size chart comparing the 26 dinosaurs to a human as well as a small glossary of terms, and dinosaur eras. This is the perfect beginners guide to dinosaurs for the younger set. A great way for parents and kids to read together. The child can pull the tabs while mom or dad reads the multi-syllabic dinosaur name. In the vine above I learned about Diplodocus and Iguanodon!

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