Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 - All About the Books

Even though we are only six days into 2015 I am sure we all have new book releases we are looking forward to. I know that I still have a mountain (no longer a pile) of "To read" books on my bookshelf and I just keep adding to it! As librarians we are always reading and I thought these two infographics were fun ways to do it this new year. 

The good folks at Epic Reads want you to choose how much you will read! One book a season? A week? A day? That's right! They have 365 titles for every day of 2015. Uh oh... we are already behind!

At the blog Popsugar they have given us this check list of goals to meet. Maybe read something that received some bad reviews or perhaps a title that was published the year you were born? For 1985 I am looking at what looks to be an amazing installment of Sweet Valley High: #19 Showdown! This would also give me a check for a book with a one word title and one by a female author. I'm excited to see that I have hit the ground running with this reading challenge.

However you decide to approach your reading be sure to have fun and share your thoughts  (and these infographics) with patrons and librarians alike!

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