Monday, December 22, 2014

Cards for Hospitalized Kids @ Lindenhurst Memorial Library

Suffolk County Teen departments are busy, busy, busy with service projects this winter! Lindenhurst Memorial Library’s teen and children’s departments work together to have local patrons create cards for a worthy project called “Cards for Hospitalized Kids.”

Cards for Hospitalized Kids ( an organization that collects and distributes cards to children in hospitals and at Ronald McDonald houses with chronic and terminal illnesses.They have a set of guidelines and suggestions on their website that librarian Rosalia Milan, who runs the program at Lindenhurst,  downloaded and adapted for use within the library ( 

The teens came in for a card making session after school where Rosalia went over the guidelines with them to make sure everyone understood them and then the teens got to work!  Occasionally one of the teens pops over to the librarian to make sure that they are following the guidelines correctly.  At the end the cards are all collected, read through to make sure they're alright, and then mailed off to Cards for Hospitalized Kids in Chicago.  Simple and easy!

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