Thursday, October 30, 2014

Mike Lupica at Simon & Schuster

Self proclaimed "king of the reluctant readers" Mike Lupica made a special appearance at the Simon & Schuster Winter 2015 preview on Friday, October 17th. He spoke about his latest project The Only Game which will be the first installment of his new Home Team Series. The books will focus on a group of four friends: Jack, Teddy, Cassie and Gus. Each novel will follow the life of one of the friends as they are published. This first installment will focus on Jack who will actually be giving up baseball to right something he feels he is responsible. Lupica said, "An act of bravery for a child is overcoming something you're afraid of," he continues, "There is a scene in this book on one of those suspended bridges over a body of water which is one of my favorite scenes I have ever written in a book. There is a moment of awakening for two characters. [These books will focus on] loyalty, friendship and teamwork - the things that I value." He also shares that he loves writing kids as realistically as possible so they are relatable to his readers. When talking about his characters and content he says, "If there is one theme that runs from book to book it is that anybody can get knocked down. It is how you get back up that tells the world about your qualities." This title will be available February 17, 2015. 

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