Thursday, July 31, 2014

TBT: LIU American Juvenile Collection

Years ago, South Huntington Library used to host copies of children's fiction titles that had been discarded from other Suffolk County libraries as a children's archive of american fiction for children. Retired librarians Mary Lois Nichols of Smithtown, and Marjorie Rosenthal from LIU Post, curated the collection, which eventually grew too large to host permanently at South Huntington.

Enter The Archives and Special Collections at LIU University Libraries. The collection contains more than 9,000 first edition juvenile titles in Fiction, Folklore, Fairy Tales and Poetry published in the United States in the 20th Century.

It is a distinguished collection due to its major focus between 1910-1960.  Mildred Bernstein, Head of Youth Services at South Huntington, recently emailed me the following information: Jarron Jewell is the Acting Director of Special Collections at LIU - CW Post campus. They are still collecting books from 1910-1999 in the following:  Fiction including historical fiction, Folklore, Fairytales and Poetry.  She mentioned that they can pick up the boxes up books from our libraries with about 2 weeks notice. To contact Jarron, call 516.299.3407 or e-mail her at

So when weeding your fiction, poetry, and folk and fairy tale collections - keep the LIU American Juvenile Collection in mind! They will also consider photos, letters, manuscripts and illustrations from that time era as well. Thanks Mildred, for reminding us of this important resource available to not only donate to, but to research from as well. If you are interested in viewing the collection in person, you can contact Jarron as well, or search on the LIU library website.

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