Thursday, June 5, 2014

TBT: Be a Copycat!

So for this week's TBT post -did you know that SCLS -YS has old copies of a fabulous resource for story time planning that you can borrow? Back issues of the out-of-print COPYCAT magazine, which are perfect for Pre-K - 3rd grade story times, art programs, and other fair based events (math and science fairs, anyone?) can be requested by emailing or calling us. We are going to work on getting a list on the blog of the back issues and contents to make it easy for you to browse and see which ones you would like to borrow.

Yes, I know this picture is sideways. Go ahead - I'll give you a minute to figure out what it is and why it is here in a TBT post. If you guessed "summer reading club clip art and program ideas from 1990-2013" then you would be correct! Often, well known illustrators would donate their artwork for cooperative summer reading programs. This clip art is able to be used in library programs still. So - perhaps you offer a PARP or Winter Reading Club and are looking for a great idea, theme, or art. Next time you are at SCLS for a meeting, ask Kim, Derek, or Lisa if you can peruse the old summer reading binders, and you just might find yourself a new reading club for your community. My personal favorites? "New York is Book Country" "Book Banquet" and "Make a Splash: READ"

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