Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Leveling Books in Encore

People often call the office for a reminder of how to tag items in Encore - especially those pesky Fountas and Pinnell titles that continue to be popular with the under third grade set! So, by popular demand - I present to you: How to level and tag books in Encore! (we will also add this to the SCLS Resources tab for future reference)

Anyone with a library card can tag an item in Encore. Start by visiting www.live-brary.com. The search box on the upper right side of the page is how you begin a search in Encore.

  1. Conduct a search for the title you want to tag
  2. Once you find the exact title you want, open the link
  3. Under the "Request it" tab are 3 buttons that say "additional actions"     
  4. click on the +, then click on the icon of a tag 
  5. Log in with your library barcode
  6. Type in: Fountas Level X (X represents the level you are tagging)
  7. Click submit
  8. Your tag may take up to an hour or so to appear before you can search for it

To Search for books in Encore:

  1. Go to www.live-brary.com
  2. Conduct a search in the search bar for the level you are searching for (i.e. Fountas Level B)
  3. The list of tagged titles will appear

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